Jim & Emily are Married!

I love a man in a uniform! Partly because I just can’t resist that look of sharp. But also because a man in a uniform makes for a dapper photo. every time.

Jim and Emily could not have been a sweeter couple. They were the perfect combination of focused on what they envisioned, trusting, and flexible. Oh, and, being beautiful didn’t hurt them one bit! And can I just talk about their bridal party and family?! A photographer knows she’s in good company when the father-of-the-bride stops to chat with her (the photographer?!?!) throughout the night and treats us to a drink for a job well done. These parents, Folks. I can’t say enough! I felt welcomed, appreciated, loved. And their love for their daughter and new son-in-law was just oozing out of their smiling hearts. I just loved them! I knew this family would be a good fit when Emily brought both her parents to the consultation a year ago, and we somehow began talking about art, stained-glass, and art classes, and vowing to let the other know if we found a stained glass class in the Syracuse area. Wedding photography is so much more than showing up with a few cameras and taking pictures. It’s about being invited into a family’s life, and cherishing that open trust and hospitality. It’s something that we know makes our job special, and it’s something we do not ever take for granted.

J&E went for the “vintage” look on their wedding day: Em, with her lace boat neck dress line, the colors of her flowers and BM dresses, and the stunning, elegant and delicate decor of her venue (Genesee Grande Hotel–Gorgeous!!) pointed to an unmistakably classical, rich, vintage. I felt like F. Scott Fitzgerald should have come out of a classy vehicle with a martini at any moment.

I cannot say enough about this day! These two (and their entire party and family) were such a JOY to work with! Credits coming soon!


Just stop being so gorgeous, Emily!craver5craver4craver2

Love this look in proud Mama’s eyes.


Oh, the anxiety of the wait! Moments away!






JVP_1734JVP_1836craver9JVP_2189 JVP_2183 JVP_2178 JVP_2171 JVP_2139 JVP_2090JVP_2083 JVP_2029

And that is some fine men in uniform!JVP_1967
JVP_1524 JVP_1336 JVP_1324 JVP_1320 JVP_1309 JVP_1211 JVP_1170
craver17 craver14 craver13 craver10What a proud Papa!
craver15 craver14 craver12 craver11JVP_3125














Back to the Blog! Jeremy & Kim say “I Do!”


And here we are again! Wedding season HAS begun. And with every wedding season comes the adventure of blogging. What better couple to ring in the new season than with Jer and Kim. Not every photographer has the pleasure of photographing co-workers and friends. And when you get both? IT’s pretty special. So let’s talk about the month of April in central New York. It can be the ugliest, rainiest, tauntingly cold month. April is the month that we “up-staters” can get tricked into thinking is a spring month and should be offering days upon days of sun-soaking, garden-sprucing, and clothes shedding….and all too often (okay, basically all the time)….we’re tricked. Again. And again… But this day? This April 12th, beginning of April, take-the-gamble-at-the-Vernon-Downs-Casino kind of day? We. WON. It was warm but not too hot. It was breezy but not too chilly. It smelled like summer, and all were rejoicing, because, April isn’t August (hence why I personally believe Kim picked this month. She HATES being too warm..and who wouldn’t in tons of dress fabric and jitters?). April is again, the month that we all don’t want to take weather for granted; we all want to feel the sun again, feel the warmth on and in our bodies (but not too much), and rejoice that indeed, nice weather is coming. And we did, just that. All day. It was a perfect day, for a perfect venue for a perfect couple. J&K were surrounded by family and friends who loved them, and as photographers, this is always special to photograph. So many wedding days are beautiful, “except that one thing…” or “went off without a hitch, except for…” But, if you can believe it, this was a “forkless” road, an absolutely flawless day, that so many guests will remember, and these two lovebirds will never forget! And we were so honored to be a part of it!!


Love this image of Kim right before heading out to the limo. I feel her anxiety and excitement in this photo. Isn’t she gorge?


What a fun idea! And it’s written in blue for her “something blue.”


I love “that’s a first” moments. As wedding photographers, it’s easy to spot the things that may have been done before, and that’s okay!

But it’s always exciting to see something I hadn’t seen yet–like Father of the Bride socks!




What a proud Papa!




Cuuuteness overload!

JVP_9156JVP_9223angell2 angell1angell3

So these adorable cake-toppers are one-of-a-kind, specially made as Jer and Kim, by the talented, brilliant, kind and beautiful Kate Donaleski!

Thank you again to Vernon Downs for hosting once again, a stunning event with amazing food and a seamless evening!


JVP_9271 JVP_9385 JVP_9436 JVP_9516 JVP_9633

Because what groom DOESN’T want his own cake?

JVP_9634 JVP_9638 JVP_9655 JVP_9722

One of the coolest parts about this wedding for me was not only seeing old friends again, but seeing how they showered K&J

with their amazing craftiness skills. This “leaf your fingerprint” “guest book” was created by the one and only Jodi Steria who can basically do anything and loves everyone.
JVP_9789 JVP_9903 JVP_9913 JVP_9922 JVP_9940 JVP_9960 JVP_9990




It’s a “family” tradition, which all of my assistants so sweetly tolerate, to take a photo in the photobooth. I like to line my fridge with them for special keeping.

But it isn’t every day I get to take the photobooth getup WITH the bride!


VP made it to the Lovewell Post! And many winters cursings



I am SO excited to announce that Vrooman Photography has been featured on The Lovewell Post, a blog dedicated to collecting and displaying beautiful and original weddings in Center New York. Jenna and Jon’s Big Day was featured as a last hurrah to the winter season, and a farewell we have for it! I don’t know about anyone else (though, I have my suspicions!), but I. AM. DONE. with winter! For the past three years, I’ve tricked myself into thinking that I really didn’t mind the winter season in upstate NY. But Duh? That’s because it wasn’t REALLY winter season. THIS winter is the real deal–the real deal. But, two positive transmutations of winter (I really had to eek these out, since I really don’t want to admit that there’s anything  positive about winter): 1. Like tragedy striking, winter brings people together. I can’t help but notice the way neighbors help one another by randomly plowing, shoveling, or sharing that, “I know. You’re telling me. You’re not alone, Brotha” stare in the gas station when you’re prepaying for gas on a below 0 day, and we’ve had LOTS of these. 2. (I try to tell myself this regularly, though I’m not certain I fully believe it) Because we’ve had to endure such cold tempts, such inconvenient piling, and piling of layers of clothing, and boot/shoe exchanging, and mask wearing, and sore shoulders from stuffing our necks in our chest to subside the chills, and dry skin, and sad, vitamin D deficient breakdowns, we appreciate the warmer days like other counties and states don’t. I mean, if you think about it, we count every. single. warm day as a blessing. At least I do. I have angst about not appreciating every single day because I know how few there are!  It’s almost blaspheme to curse the 90+ days when they come, because….we NEVER forget from the dark chilling white cave of snow from whence we’ve come! So, if you’re like me, try checking these images out and warming up your heart, sending Kate B. some love from the Lovewell Post, and closing your eyes and fantasizing that it’s 82 degrees, the sun is shining and that your driveway is in perfect condition to stand on the hot blacktop and soak up the smell of summer! mmmmm….it’s working!


Mexico City!


We’ve returned from Mexico City safely….to all the snow, cold, and dry air. But we’re here, with more memories than we left, and we are grateful! This city is a stunning, best-kept-secret. We’re not big “touristy” travelers, and one of the excitements of going to a new place for us, is pretending, for even an “intsy” nano-second, that we live there. Having been asked numerous times in the states about “what country I’m from,” I feel at times I can subtly melt into the mix and not cause too much of a ripple. However, I’m certain, short of two tall men from the Netherlands who we saw at the pyramids, Pat and Cy were the only blond-haired blue-eyedchaps around!
What I loved about Mexico City: the weather; the general disposition of kindness and thoughtfulness towards babies, how affectionate they are (this is an understatement, Folks! One stationary view of Alameda Park will get you five or six different couples unabashedly showing their affection for one another. A panoramic view would get you countless!); their art, and I even liked the ONE crunchy grass-hopper I tried (this is where ya’ll applaud that I ate a grasshopper. I know, subtle, right?)!
So since we have a toddler who is…a little less than comfortable being in a situation where he can’t see his mother, we figured, “Why not take him?! It’s only Mexico City!” Really, he could not have a been a better little travel partner. I think most of the stress lied with us “reorganizing” our expectations of a romantic getaway. Cy loves animals and tried to love on every dog he saw (he also barked at it for 10 minutes after he saw a dog). Cy also barked every time we strapped him to the “kid leash.” He was “in his element”–finally, and he loved it.
Below is a link to a short video showing the highlights of our trip.


Just Cy and I (and Dessa): The “Off” season

My last wedding was in the end of December, Christmas weekend actually, and since then, I’ve aimlessly walked the halls of my home pondering how to spend my time and mourning the chaos of wedding season. Not really…kind of.

I can say that my beautiful Cyrus has been sick  for most of this season, or rather, all of this season, short of a few days. Really. In addition *ehem,* there may have been a day a few weeks ago that I apparently rear-ended a truck,  in my little fusion. Between having a sick baby and no car, Cy and I (and Dessy) have been “stowing” up here in the Vrooman home, Laura Ingalls Wilder style (complete with the snow up to our bedroom windows) and have been learning how to love. every second. with one another. While it can tend to get lonely, as the husband has also had long days these past couple of months, how can I complain! My biggest problem is that I get to sleep in, not change my sweatpants till lunch time (okay, ever.), and I have the [many] opportunities in the day to play blocks and gallop around the circuit of our house with a wooden stick horse under me and a laughing toddler on my back. I photograph weddings because I love the challenge and rewarding moments they bring. But I also photograph weddings for “these” moments. The moments I get to sit with Cy and stencil rugs (totally hooked the idea from Pinterest), sew owls (also stolen–Country Living) and stencil my floor (also Country Living–no original artist here, Folks!), and do make-shift “Dessy and Me” photo sessions. I am immensely and immeasurably blessed to have these days. Whenever my mom sees photos of her babies, she ALWAYS gets a look of longing in her eyes and says, “oh, I just wish I could pick you up out of the photo and just hold you” (“you” meaning my five other siblings. I don’t think my mother would ever wish upon anyone, especially herself, to have me be little again). I think of my mom’s yearnings nearly daily and try to take this time to hold my baby now (not that my mother did not soak up every moment with her little ones. It’s just that she’s the type of woman who would continue having babies till she died if she could). So, though we might be anti-social, sweatpants loving, perpetual block building, recluses, we’ve been making some mean crafts together (albeit stolen) and giving one another lots of kisses, Dessy included. And I would not trade this time for anything. cy blog post cyrus cyrus1 JVP_8356

JVP_8383 JVP_8386 JVP_8387
JVP_8427cyrus2JVP_8417 JVP_8420 JVP_8424These are coasters. Totally easy! 1. get square tiles (the ones from the basic work best!) 2. Modge-podge squares of scrap book paper onto the tiles

3. MP over the squares to secure the paper better 4. spray with a clear sealer to make water-proof

5. glue felt to the bottom to make for soft sliding awesome, right? Stole these from Pinterest







Jon & Jenna Tied the Knot!

There are just some people you meet and think, “Yes. Those people ‘have IT.'” There’s just something about them that makes you want to become fast friends, friends you can immediately tell secrets to and share really good beer with. That’s how I felt when I met Jon and Jenna. It is not often that I am unable to meet the B&G prior to the Big Day. But every once in awhile, I have couples who live out-of-town and are traveling back to their homeland to say “I do.” So was the case with J&J, and so, we talked on the phone, we emailed back and forth veraciously, and I anxiously waited to meet them in person. And when I did? I felt like I had known them forever! They had a sense of humor, they were calm (on their wedding day!? It is true.), they were incredibly organized (my favorite!), and they knew what they wanted (my other favorite). This couple had a perfect combination of trust in me as a photographer, mixed with a voice to share what ideas they had. I loved that about them. I walked away knowing that this pair was a special one. Oh, and to boot! This world is just so small that I was able to meet an old high school friend of my husband’s about whom I’ve heard great things but never had met. So, who knew!

jenna jon


2014-01-29 jenna jon2





jenna jon final jenna jon final1 jenna jon final2
JVP_6931 JVP_6944 JVP_6997 JVP_7058

JVP_7068 JVP_7135 JVP_7149 JVP_7179 JVP_7265JVP_7283jenna jon final3

Do you just adore these decorations?! The word on the street is Jenna’s sister-in-law used these for her wedding.

They were so stunning, Jenna chose to recycle them. Aaand, I was insanely jealous I didn’t get married in the winter time. jenna jon1JVP_7364 JVP_7379

I really, really loved this cake. There was just something super elegant about it, and “yummy” all at the same time. 
jenna jon final4JVP_7499 JVP_7617 JVP_8195











The Rounds’ Family Shoot

Even though Vrooman Photography is (basically) only in the business of weddings, sometimes, just sometimes, I’m totally honored to photograph some people, even if they’re not wearing suits or white dresses. The Rounds are some of these kinds of folks I’ll always make time to photograph. I’m pretty sure I’ve never met such a beautiful, talented (that is an under. statement. “Talented” meaning, “Hi! My last name’s (or maiden) Rounds and I can basically do everything.), and thoughtful family all rolled into one! When you’re car is stranded on the side of the road, and you need to get to class in 20 minutes, you call the Rounds (true story). When you’re between homes and need a place to stay, you call the rounds. And, when you need a pick-me-up and someone to tell you you’re lovely and gifted, you call any of the Rounds, especially AnneMarie.

These twins are the ones who introduced me to the biggest imagination a little “duffer-ette” could, well, imagine. They’re also the ones with whom I found myself in the most trouble. And what a blessing it is to all be having babies around the same time. One of my top three wishes in life is that these little guys are as good pals are we were and still are. JVP_5520 JVP_5557

Just look at little Harrison’s stance and gaze at his Pop. Totally not posed! That was all him!
JVP_5577VP website photos2 JVP_5609 JVP_5609-2 JVP_5622 JVP_5636 JVP_5665

I know, you want to reach in there and smooch him too, don’t you? I love me some baby love!JVP_5668 JVP_5669 JVP_5675 JVP_5694 JVP_5703-Edit JVP_5741 JVP_5761 JVP_5786-Edit JVP_5804 JVP_5825 JVP_5849 JVP_5850

Love this one!JVP_5879 JVP_5881

Oh. my. goodness! Can little Winona get any more adorable!? JVP_5925 JVP_5993picasa test pics1 JVP_6022 JVP_6031 JVP_6042 JVP_6050 VP website photos1JVP_6056 JVP_6062 JVP_6123

Desmond was set on sharing a straw with is Gramps. So precious. picasa test pics




My Cy turns 1!


It’s pretty tough to imagine that my little one is over a year old now. I remember watching TLC’s A Baby Story (don’t pretend like you didn’t!) as a kid, and hearing one mom say, “I just could not have imagined loving someone this much.” I remember thinking to myself, “Gosh, I hope I feel like that. What happens if I have a baby someday and don’t even really care about him or her” (morbid, I know. But this is what kids think about! Or at least what “this” kid thought about). I have no idea who that woman was, but I think about her words often. Nothing can prepare someone (not even that beloved puppy you have…really. I have one too, and she. is. loved!) for loving her babies the way she does when they finally arrive. It becomes a life force. Really!

So, to commemorate an amazing year with this bright little pilot (who keeps our heads forever in the clouds—I couldn’t resist!), we had an “airplane” themed party, where so many of our friends and family came and loved on Cy and spoiled him for sure.  JVP_6326-2 JVP_6661 JVP_6662 JVP_6664 JVP_6667 JVP_6671JVP_6670The “Clouds” were little bags of cotton candy for kids to take home as favors. 
JVP_6673 JVP_6676 JVP_6680 JVP_6685

And the photo booth was a hit!JVP_6688 JVP_6695 JVP_6703 JVP_6710 JVP_6715 JVP_6718 JVP_6721 JVP_6728 JVP_6734 JVP_6736 JVP_6741 JVP_6744

A photo for every month of his life (no, I will not stick to this for every child…I admit it now!)JVP_6746 JVP_6747

Pin the “propeller on the Plane!”JVP_6751 JVP_6764 JVP_6766 JVP_6771 JVP_6777 JVP_6785 JVP_6787

I am not a cake maker. This was my first cake ever (I did make one practice one), so, in short, I was pretty proud that it didn’t topple over. Though, it sort of looks like it’s going to right?JVP_6788 JVP_6791 JVP_6792 JVP_6795

He should be used to all the attention by now, being the long-awaited, only child that he is. But, I think all the celebration scared him

a bit. JVP_6802

A little sugar always makes things feel a little sweeter!JVP_6813

Cy’s Aunt Nicky MADE this jacket! I know what you’re thinking. Yes, she does sell them here to the regular public.

Though, her business is on hold right now as she just had a little one of her own. Stay tuned this spring!JVP_6853

Cyrus’s Nana made this quilt for him. So much talent here! Cy loves dogs, so it is dog fabric in a bow-tie pattern.
JVP_6856 JVP_6858 JVP_6867

What’s a plane party without a pilot’s licence? JVP_6868 JVP_6877 JVP_6878 JVP_6896 JVP_6914 JVP_6914-2


Peter & Megan are Engaged!

You know when you meet a couple and think, “I want to take them home with me, share a good Middle Ages Apricot Wheat and play a solid game of Pitch?” I’m certain you have. That’s exactly how I felt when I met Peter and Megan. Since the couple is from down-state, we’ve had a lot of communication over the internet, and it was finally time to meet face to face. What an amazing team (psst. She’s a female engineer from RIT and he’s a designer–with a billboard in Time Square, right? And, credits on netflix.). It was surely a pleasure photographing for this completely gorgeous and talented duo. And they were brave! It rained the day before, it sprinkled that morning, but the water didn’t stop us! Thanks for coming all the way out to spend your Saturday with me, Friends! I look forward to your Big Day (oh, and these two are doing a first look…you should too!)!

JVP_5795 JVP_5799 JVP_5808 JVP_5814 JVP_5822 JVP_5822-2 JVP_5825 JVP_5832 JVP_5834 JVP_5840 JVP_5845 JVP_5858 JVP_5874 JVP_5878 JVP_5881 JVP_5906 JVP_5914 JVP_5915 JVP_5932 JVP_5961 JVP_5965 JVP_5994 JVP_6007 JVP_6021 JVP_6022 JVP_6026 JVP_6028 JVP_6030 JVP_6031 JVP_6065 JVP_6070 JVP_6112 JVP_6153 JVP_6184 JVP_6214 JVP_6225 JVP_6225-2 JVP_6235 JVP_6244 JVP_6262 JVP_6267 JVP_6282 JVP_6286 JVP_6290 JVP_6300 JVP_6314 JVP_6322 JVP_6333 JVP_6352

Ryan & Haley are Engaged!

Wow. I just. love. this. couple.
A photographer really cannot ask for more. Ryan & Haley were trusting, incredibly sweet, SO natural, and very, very gracious and tolerant as I dragged them along as my muses for my obsession with doors. And what better place for someone with such a disorder than the gorgeous Sackets Harbor? Because we went when it was chilly, the quaint and classy town was ours!
Thanks to H&R’s immense love for one another, their willingness to stand out in the cold, and their “exceptionally good looking” selves, our shoot was a major success! I just wanted to take them home with me. These two are the kind of people that make anyone feel like you’ve known them for years. Not only are they beautiful and the nicest people you will ever meet, but she is a reading teacher and he is two steps away from being a pilot, so they’re gorgeous AND qualified, Folks. Just love! Don’t miss these sneaks!!JVP_1567 JVP_1568 JVP_1595

Can we just talk about Ryan’s shoes for a second? I had a mind to grill him about purchase details for my hubby back at home. LOVE these!JVP_1604 JVP_1616 JVP_1649 JVP_1657 JVP_1689 JVP_1710 JVP_1721 JVP_1728 JVP_1756 JVP_1767 JVP_1784 JVP_1795 JVP_1815 JVP_1823 JVP_1834 JVP_1864 JVP_1904 JVP_1913 JVP_1918 JVP_1930 JVP_1940 JVP_1953

These images were not staged! Ryan is studying to be a pilot, and he was like a kid in a gum store as a plane went by. We had to stop and check it out!JVP_1956 JVP_1957 JVP_1960 JVP_1966 JVP_1969 JVP_2018 JVP_2022